Choice and Consequence

Each day, each moment, we make choices. Through our actions and through our words, we create an idea of a “self” that becomes our tool for interacting with the world.

I have learned through years of parenting – struggling to become the mom who I always thought I “would be” – that all we can truly¬†control in our lives is who and how we choose to be and how we choose to live with the consequences of our choices.

As a parent, I choose to begin every single day by setting an intention. Before I start each new day, I close my eyes and create an image in my mind of who I want to be today and how I want to collaborate with my environment.

We can never truly know what each day will bring to our lives. I invite you to join me in a collaborative effort to become more mindful of the choices we make as parents and the consequences we experience through our parenting techniques.



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